Toad Hall

Toad Hall 001AToad Hall is a large airy room with two separate entrances and a divider screen to enable a separate meeting to take place apart from the main meeting.

The room is carpeted and has a white board for illustrations or projecting images. Toad Hall also has it’s own sink and light refreshment facilities to compliment the hand washing and toilet situated in a small adjoining room.

Toad Hall 015aA broadband connection can be wirelessly enabled in all rooms and a laptop audio visual projector and for those clients not wishing to use the white board for the projection of images, a 72inch screen is available.

A 20 watt sound system enables clients to play DVDs. Ipods, CDs and sound from their laptops computers in this room.

Room size: Toad Hall measures 8 x 5 metres. With the divider the main part is 5.40 x 5; the smaller part is then 2.60 x 5 metres.

Chairs: 25in room but additional tables are available.

Tables: 3 tables of 1.8m x 0.8m and 4 tables of 0.9m x 0.8m are available and additional tables and chairs can be obtained from the ballroom if required.

Seating capacity: Toad Hall holds approximately 30 – 35 persons.