Audio Visual and Stage Lighting

Public Address Stage Lighting and Audio Visual System

A public address system with two Trantec lapel mikes, one corded microphone, two Trantec radio hand microphones and a pair of Kam KWM1960HH Dual UHF Handheld Wireless Microphones, plus three Audio Technica Pro 45 – hanging microphones and incorporating a hearing loop is available in the hall on request. DVDs can be shown with sound using a laptop with the projector and screen. iPod, iPad, mobile phone or guitar connections are available. Help on use of microphones.

It should be noted that following recent EU regulation changes, we are using the four free frequencies for our radio microphones. These are
Trantec Handheld             863.150
Trantec Lapel                     863.725
Trantec handheld              864.150
Trantec Lapel                     864.850
We have another two  KaEPM12 (2)m KWM1960HH Dual UHF Handheld Wireless Microphones which are on the same frequencies as the Trantec Lapels.
This means a combination of four of these can be used but the number in use cannot exceed four and they must be on different frequencies. Under no circumstances may clients use their own microphones whilst ours are in use unless the frequencies do not clash, or they are on paid-for frequencies or are Digital mics on other frequencies. The sound system comprises of a Soundcraft EPM 12 mixer and EV Q44 amplifier in a wheeled Flight Case and four EV  SX300 loudspeakers.

A 4  x 3 metre cinema size screen with a 4,500 lumens Panasonic PT-VZ575N  rear projector makes Herrison Hall ideal for ideal for presentations or meetings. PowerPoint presentations with sound if necessary can be made to audiences of up to 250.

A powerful laser pointer is available for lecturers to use. Please note that this is powerful and should be used with care. Pointing it at a person could inflict damage to their eyes and the Village Hall Trustees cannot accept liability for damage so caused.

The hall has, for use by its clients, a 2,200 lumens projector and a laptop which are available for use in the Watts Room or Toad Hall.

Taste of Dorset Awards & Dinner 016aStage lighting is covered by four 500 watt Selecon Acclaim PC spots and four 1,00 watt Selecon Parcans situated in front of the stage on two lighting bars on either side of the hall and eight 1,000 watt Selecon parcans plus four 500 watt Selecon Acclaim PC spots situated on two pre-wired lighting bars over the stage. There are a further eight spare sockets for extra lighting over the stage. The configuration of these lights is subject to change according to clients requirements. The lighting is controlled through a 24 channel set of dimmers running from a Jester 88 desk.

All lighting and sound can be controlled from either the rear of the hall or from stage left.

All sound & lighting equipment must be booked in advance through the Bookings Secretary (Crayston Lee 01305 264 060 Mon-Friday 9.30am-5.30pm) to ensure it is installed, set up and tested before the event. Assistance can be given if these items are used. Stage Management, and Wedding planning services available.

Should you require any further information, help or advice on setting up a PowerPoint presentation or the use of audio visual equipment please call Crayston Lee on 01305 264 060 or email

N.B. An Internet connection is wirelessly enabled in the building and a main extender which is a non secure connection is available to increase the signal strength. The Internet signal is dependent on British Telecom connections. A loss of signal is out of the control of the Trustees of the Hall.