HOW TO BOOK A ROOM AT Charlton Down Herrison Hall

We operate an On-line Booking System which enables clients to see availability, make bookings and see all the details of a booking.

1.         To Check Availability go to the website Under the BOOKINGS tab click on WEEKLY AVAILABILITY

Home page

2.         On the chart find the month you are interested in by clicking on the “Next Month” or “Previous Month” then find the week using the “Previous Week” or “Next week”. (Scroll right for Next Year). This will indicate to you iof the day and time you require is available.

Booking chart.         3. To make a booking

We are using the latest V2 Hallmaster System for our bookings.

If the time and day is available click on the plus sign in the right hand corner of the day.

If you are new to this system you will have to fill up the form giving yourself a password along with your normal name and address details.

If you are an existing customer and have already recorded your details including password click on the existing user box and enter your name or email address.

4.         Then complete the booking form. (Click on the question mark beside each question for explanation).

If you require assistance to make a booking then please contact us either by email or 07792 723810

Clients can book the use of the kitchen for preparation of light refreshments. This use does not constitute “Exclusive” use of the kitchen as we only have one kitchen and other clients may wish to use it as well. Food preparation which requires use of the oven would constitute heavy use and should be booked and charged as such.

Toad Hall has its own sink, kettles and crockery for use with light refreshments.

A picture Gallery, List of Useful Suppliers and full Tariff are also to be found under the BOOKINGS tab.
Detail and photographs of all rooms and their contents are to be found under the ROOMS tab.
Prospective clients are encouraged to arrange a tour of the rooms and their facilities in order to facilitate their use. Please telephone us on 07792 723810 or 07720 263633 or email us at

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