Charlton Down Herrison Hall

Registered Charity 1097442

Sherren Avenue, Charlton Down, Dorchester DT2 9UA

 Report to AGM from Hon. Secretary 15th March 2017

 Good evening to you all and welcome to the 16th AGM of Charlton Down Herrison Hall.

May I introduce my fellow trustees who from my far left are, Vincent Haslam (Booking Secretary & de facto Treasurer),  Graham Martin (Vice Chairman), myself Crayston Lee (Chairman & Hon. Secretary) Sarah East, Rowena Hughes and Ann Bishop.

Vincent decided during the year to relinquish the title of Vice Chairman and Graham has taken on the title and some of the work involved, for which thanks are due.                      Recently,  we were sorry to lose Bob Perry as a Trustee who is about to move to Bournemouth.      We were very sorry to hear in January that Sid Montague, an ex Trustee and long time friend of the Hall had passed away after a long illness.     R I P Sid.    We have also heard of the death in February of Keith Hawkins who was the very first Chairman of Trustees of the Hall at the time of hand over from the builders, back in 2003.

A report on this building.
After a much milder winter than of late, I’m happy to report that nothing untoward has happened to the building and all systems are running well.    You will have noticed that we have now got new front doors to the building.     This was in response to the fact that the original doors, being over thirteen years old, were, despite various adjustments, incapable of staying properly closed in cold windy weather.      This is hopefully no longer going to be a problem.   We have purchased new carpet for Watts Room as the old one was looking very shabby and was wearing out in places.     We have also replaced the fire door at the end of Watts corridor as this was time expired due to constant bad weather exposure.   There has also been a very minor infestation of mice under the stage, the first for over four years.     This has been dealt with by the WDDC appointed environmental company.    Regular professional annual checks are made on all the in house systems, so faults can be rectified as soon as they become apparent.  We urgently need an extra hand to help on the technical side.      If you know of anyone who would like to help to set up and run our technical sound and lighting equipment, Vincent or myself would be very pleased to hear from them.

The Village Hall website, www.charltondownvillagehall.info is now an established facility of the Hall and is being extensively used by the public.       One of the main features of this site is the on-line booking system.     Our invoicing is tied in with this booking system, and all invoices are now sent out online and most payments come to us  via B.A.C.S., details of which are always shown on invoices.

My thanks as always to Vincent for his excellent stewardship of our systems.

We are currently in the process of acquiring a Defibrillator for the village.     This will be placed on the outside of the Health Spa (the old chapel) in Sherren Avenue.       Some may wonder why there and not on the Hall or Shop walls.       The Hall was thought of as being out of the way and regarding the shop, there were too many hurdles to overcome in getting permission from the owners, when there are at least three parties involved.      My thanks to Ann Bishop for taking this on board more or less as soon as she became a Trustee.

Bookings are very healthy and are showing an upturn compared with this time last year.        Having said that, during the year we have lost six of our regular bookings for one reason or another,  but at the same time we have gained three new regulars.                During the year, we attempted to run a regular Film Night, but despite the showing of three excellent films, the numbers attending were so small that we made a financial loss and agreed with the supplier that this was never going to be a runner, so we called a halt.    The year ending December 2016 saw us host 38 Wedding Receptions, special Dances, Parties and children’s events.     We also had nine conferences and ten concerts and musical events. Bookings for similar events for later this year and into 2018 are being taken on a regular basis.

Nothing stays the same for ever and in September we increased our tariff rates.    Fortunately, this has had little or no effect on our level of bookings      Residents are reminded of the reduced charge for all Charlton Down and Charminster residents wishing to hold private parties.       This represents a 40% reduction on the normal tariff.       Please note that locally run classes for local residents already  attract a 50% reduction in hire charges.       This scheme means that in 2016 we ‘handed back’ in reduced charges some £6,851.50 which represented 17.6% of our total income.
Whilst on Finance, does anybody know of a single soul who would be prepared to come on board as a Treasurer.     This is becoming a matter of extreme urgency.

You are all reminded that the Ballroom is licensed for Weddings and Civil Partnerships.     It should be noted that detailed information regarding weddings in the Hall can be found on our website, together with a revised scale of charges for Weddings and Receptions.

Finally, my usual thanks to each and every single one of you who have helped in the past and who are currently still helping in the running of this Establishment.     Your freely given time and energies are very much appreciated and you are all contributing to keeping this fantastic asset in good condition.        Having said that, if any one of you feels that they would be willing to lend a hand in any way, please speak to any of the Trustees and we will be happy to book you in somewhere somehow.

Very many thanks.

Crayston Lee

Chairman & Hon. Secretary CDHH

15th March 2017

CDVH annual report/cgl/12.03.2017




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