Help on use of Audio Equipment

Help on use of Audio Equipment
Some points to remember when using the Audio Visual Equipment at The Charlton Down Village Hall Complex.

Lapel Microphone.
image002When making a presentation or giving a talk we always pay attention to our appearance and when using a lapel mike it is as well to remember a few points when planning the day.

Remember the microphone will have a thin wire running from the mike to the transmitter. This wire should be hidden under your clothes when you are speaking. A yard and a half of black wire hanging down has destroyed the professional look of many a speaker!
The mike itself should be clipped to the lapel or shirt/blouse/dress front in the centre of the chest with the mike pointing upwards.

The Transmitter
Bearimage004 in mind when you select your outfit that a skirt or trouser waistband is useful to clip the transmitter to and will also hide it under your clothes. The transmitter should be switched on prior to use and switched off after use to avoid picking up extraneous noise or conversation that is not designed to be heard by the audience. To this end the transmitter should be located on the belt or waistband, behind your back, but within easy reach to operate the switch.

  • Laser pointerA powerful laser pointer is available for lecturers to use. Please note that it is powerful and should be used with care. Pointing it at a person could inflict damage to their eyes and the Village Hall Trustees cannot accept liability for damage so caused.
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