Opening and closing for your booking.

A Village Hall volunteer will open and close the designated room or rooms at the start and end time of each booking. A list of the week’s bookings is displayed on the front notice boards of the Village Hall with the name and telephone number of the person responsible for opening and closing the room or rooms.

Cleaning and Security: All use of Hall premises and facilities is subject to the user accepting responsibility for setting out required furniture and equipment, returning everything to their original positions and for securing doors and windows of the premises. All lights must be turned off on leaving the premises. The premises will be checked by a CDVH representative at the end of the hire period. All users shall also leave the premises and surrounds in a clean and tidy condition. Failure to do so will result in additional charges being imposed.

We now operate an On-line Booking System which enables clients to see availability, make bookings and see all the details of a booking. Click here to see the bookings chart. For full instructions on how to book a room at Charlton Down Village Hall click here.  How to book a room at Charlton Down Village Hall.

Clients not wishing you use this system can still call or email Crayston Lee, details below, but the availability on the on-line system may help them to decide on a free day.

Clients can book the free use of the kitchen for preparation of light refreshments. This use does not constitute “Exclusive” use of the kitchen as we only have one kitchen and other clients may wish to use it as well.

Food preparation which requires use of the oven would constitute heavy use and should be booked and charged as such.

Toad Hall has it’s own sink, kettles and crockery for use with light refreshments.

Prospective clients are encouraged to arrange a tour of the rooms and their facilities in order to facilitate their use.

To book the Ballroom, Watts Room or Toad Hall and for all reservation enquiries please contact:

(These telephones are not at the hall and cannot connect with clients already there)                                                      9.30am – 5.30pm Monday – Saturday

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