WI Charlton Down

 June Meeting

 The weather was very good for our annual picnic held at Charlton Down Cricket Pavilion and everyone enjoyed the delicious food provided by our members.

After going to press we also have two more events planned for June.  The first event, to participate in the WI’s ‘Healthy Living and Wellbeing Week’ is a village walk. The second, is a group visit to Rainbarrow Farm, Poundbury – which produces bio-methane gas by anaerobic digestion.  Members will learn more about the renewable energy scheme in our locality.

Our next meeting will be on 4th July at 10am in Watts Room, Herrison Hall.  Our speaker will be Totty Cruttenden who is an Eco Beekeeper.

If you are interested in joining Charlton Down WI, do come along and meet us all.

Lesley Elins,











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