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WI Charlton Down

 October Meeting

Will Best, a farmer from Godmanstone, enlightened members with his historical talk about a hamlet near Godmanstone that has now disappeared.  He was able to tell us about life in a small farming community that existed there in the early 19th century for about 100 years.  The hamlet, called ‘Bushes Bottom’, comprised 4 workers’ cottages where farm workers lived with their families.  Will was able to bring the talk to life with information he had heard from the childhood stories of former resident whom he met several years ago. Further information can be found on the Cerne Historical Society website.

To mark the Dorset Federation WI Centenary Celebrations this year, this month our WI members have planted 100 crocus bulbs at the entrance to the village.  We look forward to seeing a colourful display next year.

Our next meeting will be on 1st November at 10am in Watts Room, Herrison Hall.  One of our members, Shirley Hood, is leading on a Christmas craft activity to make and take home.  Members are requested to bring some fabric, a small paint brush and ribbon – other materials will be provided.

If you are interested in joining Charlton Down WI, do come along and meet us all.

Lesley Elins


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